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Nelson & Co was founded in 2014 by Brad and Rebecca Nelson to bring a local shopping experience to the first responders who reside and work in Western Indiana. After serving more than a decade in the US Army and then building careers in retail and public safety uniforms, together they realized the need for a full-service, customer focused uniform retailer in their area.

Growing like a rocket ship, Nelson & Co. is the fastest growing uniform and tactical equipment supplier in the Midwest. By staying focused on the end user, the person who wears our products; and working to make sure the company does what is right for the customer and not what is easiest for us, our company is the right choice for you, your department, and the people who depend on you. Choose Nelson & Co. – We Make it Easy!

Our Ethos

Customercentric - We believe the relationship with each customer is the most important service we can provide. There is nothing more important than recognizing and serving the real needs of a customer.

Business is People - The single most valuable asset our company enjoys, and our most powerful competitive advantage, is the people who work with us. Every thought, decision, and choice made by our company will consider fully the health, welfare, morale, and safety of every person involved.

Pride - We are proud of the company that we build together and will strive to get even better everyday.

Integrity - Every action and decision will be made with the utmost of Integrity. If it can’t be done, it won’t be said. If it can’t be said, it won’t be done.

Environment - We fight to protect; and recognize the cultural, financial, and operational value of sustainable practices. We pledge maximum attention to the needs of people, wildlife, and nature.

Dependability - Our Company can deliver. Each of our customers can depend on us to make-good on every promise; every time.

Diversity - We believe that a human being is judged by their action and character. Whatever physical traits they display or lifestyles they choose have zero bearing on their value. We pledge equal opportunity to all whom we encounter.

Value - We strive to offer more than mere goods or services in exchange for dollars. Our goal is to deliver real value to our customers and enrich their lives in a way that far exceeds the money they trade with us.

Innovation - We value new ideas. No matter its origin, a good idea deserves credit and the chance to be explored and developed. Credit will always be given to the source of all good ideas.