Nelson & Co. is a new company, founded in 2014 by Brad Nelson to bring a local shopping experience to the first responders who reside and work in West-Central Indiana. After building a career in retail and public safety uniforms; and relocating with his family to Putnam County in 2013, Brad realized the glaring need for a full-service, customer focused uniform retailer. Serving as a Sheriff's Deputy in his new community proved to him that there was no easy choice to find proper uniforms for first responders in this part of the state. The idea emerged for Nelson & Co. and the planning began.  

Our customers spend their lives serving others. Our mission is to serve them by making uniform and equipment buying an engaging and enjoyable retail experience.

Here's some insight into our thinking about our new company -- we have been described as a 'cop shop'. And we accept that, but cringe a little when we do. Our brand is more, so much more than just that. At least, that is what we are trying to build - something more. We have well known roots in the tactical training and nylon gear world, and a very strong retail background -- two things that 'cop shops' are traditionally not very good at. Clean merchandising and an emphasis on what works and what doesn't are usually lost in a 'cop shop'. And many (most?) aren't very friendly or inviting to the non-sworn.

The target customer for Nelson & Co. is public safety -- we are Public Safety Outfitters. However, we live within an expanded definition of what that means. Public safety is the police officer and sheriff's deputy for sure. Of course it includes the firefighters and the paramedics. We serve soldiers and SWAT guys. But it is also the citizen with the interests in shooting and personal safety who lawfully carries with them the responsibility of deadly force, on the range and in their 'regular' lives everyday. It makes sense - the citizen is more likely to be first on the scene than those who are dispatched - they're there when it happens!

We include all of these groups in our family - we are here for the 'good guys'.

Our path to success is paved by a single word: Customercentric. That's a funny word. What does it mean? Customercentric? Customercentric means that the policies that govern Nelson & Co. and the actions we take on a daily basis are made for the benefit of the customer, not to make our own lives easier. Doesn't fit? Bring it back. Chief says you can't wear it? Bring it back. Need an item urgently, at a time when we aren't going to be open? Tell us; we'll figure it with you. 

Customercentric is this simple: the needs of the the customer outweigh the needs of the business. The needs of the customer ARE the needs of the business. 

Nelson & Co. aspires to be the most Customercentric storefront to buy retail uniforms and tactical equipment. Our focus is on what works and the experience of buying. Nothing else. Visit us in Greencastle, or shop online with this website; and please, let us know how we're doing! 

Company Name: Nelson & Co. LLC
Founded: 2014
CAGE Code: 7BQG6