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Does a Good Guy Need a Uniform to be considered a good guy?

Posted by Brad Nelson on

Early in 2017, 27-year-old Trooper Ed Andersson was called to the scene of an accident. Upon arriving and witnessing an overturned car, he began to...
How much Body Armor is enough Body Armor?

Posted by Brad Nelson on

The modern American soldier wears more armor into battle than any warrior since the medieval knight. And an entry team might wear more than that!...
Trauma isn't just for the medic

Posted by Brad Nelson on

Sometimes, you are all the help you are gonna get. It is vitally important to be prepared for traumatic injury to yourself or whoever you...
Boring Mags for your Glock

Posted by Brad Nelson on

These replacement magazines for your Glock from Magpul don't do anything special. In fact, they're boring. And that is what makes them so special. You...

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