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200 Round SAW Pouch

by: ATS Tactical Gear


$49.99 $47.50

The ATS Tactical Gear 200 Round SAW pouch is designed to fit the 200 round linked ammo container used my the M249 SAW. The SAW drum can feed directly from the pouch on either the left or right side. The side panels of the pouch are reinforced with stiff plastic to allow the pouch to hold its shape and to make replacing the drum with one hand possible.

This pouch can also be used as a spent magazine or 'dump' pouch. The lid has been slotted and rimmed with elastic lips to keep debris out and spent mags in. The cover over the slot can be secured in either the open or closed position. The lid is closed by Velcro and a side release buckle.The bottom of the pouch has a drain grommet. 

The SAW Pouch measures 7 inches tall, 6½ inches wide, and 2 ¾ inches deep. It uses 4 channels and 6 rows of MOLLE space. It is made from 500 denier Cordura nylon for lightweight durability. It attaches to MOLLE webbing with two MOLLE straps. 

Made in the United States and covered by a lifetime warranty. 

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