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Aegis Plate Carrier, Version 2

by: ATS Tactical Gear


$229.99 $219.00
The ATS Tactical Gear Aegis Plate Carrier is a scalable system that allows for application to many different mission sets. The version 2 Plate Carrier has a side cummerbund that also allows the wear to add 6x6 side plates.

The carrier is available in sizes for small, medium, large and XL ESAPI plates, as well as the 10X12 inch plate common to law enforcement. The plate pockets are made so that they can take straight, curved, or multi-curved plates, and are held closed by heavy duty Velcro on the plate pocket flap. The back side of the pocket that rests against the wearer has a thin closed cell foam pad under a layer of Aero Spacer wicking material. Adjustable two inch webbing with removable shoulder pads make up the upper suspension system.

The upper chest area of the Aegis has PALS webbing over Velcro, with Velcro sewn to the PALS webbing — this is perfect for morale patches or Agency ID Panels. There are four channels and three rows of MOLLE space on the upper section, with an additional six channels and three rows of MOLLE on the front flap. The lower two rows of PALS webbing are also covered with soft side Velcro to interface with the back side Velcro of the ATS Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses. There are also two ITW/Nexus Quick Attach Surface Mount buckles to interface with the ATS Tactical Gear Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses.

The back panel of the Aegis features a box-X stitched drag handle with one row of four channels of PALS at the top of the carrier, followed by 5 rows and 6 channels of PALS. There is a 6 inch tall and 9 ½ inch wide grid of soft side Velcro to attach identifier placards to.

The Chest Harness Adapter Kit is required to integrate the ATS Tactical Gear Slimline Chest Harness with the Aegis Plate Carrier. Made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.

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