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Convertible AK Sling

by: Armageddon Gear


$54.95 $49.95

The Armageddon Gear “2-1” Convertible AK sling is designed with the same principles as the Kalashnikov rifle itself; simplicity, durability, and combat-focused performance. Armageddon Gear uses only high-quality US-made materials and every piece is designed to withstand hard use.

The “2-1” Convertible AK sling is specifically designed to interface with the sling points on all Kalashnikov rifles. A steel gun hook secures the sling’s front end and a loop tail in the rear fastens around a fixed stock or through a sling loop. Connect the gun hook to the blackened-steel ring near the sling’s tail and the “2-1” is instantly converted to single-point configuration.

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