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Delta Level III In-Conjunction Rifle Plate

by: Armor Express


$553.00 $409.12

The Delta Level III In-Conjunction Rifle Plate is robust protection from centerfire rifles and frag. This plate is high performance NIJ certified rifle protection. Wear this plate inside your level IIIa soft armor tactical vest or with a plate carrier on top of your level IIIa concealable armor. Another great option is to wear these plates in plate carrier with level IIIa plate backers.

These armor plates must be worn in conjunction with level IIIa soft armor to achieve level III rating. 


  • Construction: Ceramic/Aramid Hybrid
  • Shape: SAPI/ESAPI Cut
  • Weight: 2.70 lbs (8x10 SAPI) or 4.40 lbs (10x12 SAPI)
  • Thickness: .50"
  • Certification: Certified NIJ 2005 IR Level III Conjunction

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