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Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier

by: Mayflower R&C


$295.00 $286.80

The Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC) is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing an acceptable amount of both soft and hard armor coverage. The hard armor plates are contained in pockets attached to the outside of the soft armor carrier allowing the soft armor to mold to the wearers body for long duration mission comfort. The cummerbund is adjustable to allow for climatic changes and also for girth adjustments for the wearing of side armor plates.The cummerbund has integral pockets for 6" x 6" hard armor side plates.

The Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier features webbing for use with removable ITW-Nexus SwiftClip Buckles on the front of the vest to allow the individual to mount various chest rigs directly to the carrier. This configuration allows the individual to use the same loadout with or without armor or have multiple chest rigs configured for different mission requirements.

Hard Armor
Size Small fits size Small SAPI/ESAPI shaped plates ONLY, will not fit 10"x12" plates.
Size Medium, Large, and X-Large fit 10"x12" Shooters/Swimmers Cut Plates or SAPI/ESAPI Shape plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier.

Soft Armor
The soft armor inserts intended for this carrier are the Velocity Systems LPAC/LPAAC Cut Soft Armor. This is a custom cut of soft armor designed for this carrier. Other manufacturers' soft armor may not fit correctly.

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