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Master Breacher Bag

by: Mayflower R&C


$130.00 $126.80

The Master Master Breacher Bag (MBB) was designed in conjunction with Apex-Pred for breachers in the field. The MBB is designed to be worn on the belt via two loops, it features a Rare Earth Magnetic Closure system for silent operation with an ITW-Nexus Side Release Buckle for additional security during infiltration/exfiltration.

The MBB features a removable elastic insert so it can be reconfigured based on the types/quantities of charges needed. It is supplied with an insert set up for two ECT and one rubber strip charge. The MBB features a re-moveable leg strap and can be rolled up and secured when not required or when used as an SSE pouch. The MBB is patent pending for it's unique design.

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