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NuStat EMS Hemostatic Pad

by: Beeken BioMedical


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NuStat EMS Hemostatic Pad rapidly controls bleeding allowing for quick stabilization and transport of the patient. Its design features a blend of highly effective, non-impregnated, cellulose and silica-based hemostatic fibers. The cellulose promotes the contact activation pathway of the coagulation cascade by absorbing blood fluids, resulting in the localized concentration of platelets and clotting factors. The fibers work synergistically to accelerate clot formation.

NuStat's dual hemostatic fibers do not contain coatings or biologics to activate the coagulation cascade. NuStat Tactical™ requires no preparation, is durable, absorbent, easy to apply and controls bleeding rapidly. NuStat does not lose its effectiveness in wet conditions or when fully saturated, so less material can be used to achieve hemostasis as compared to other products currently available. NuStat does not contain latex or animal proteins.

NuStat EMS Hemostatic Pad a 4-inch by 4-inch pad that is vacuum packed two to a pack. The packaging is easy to open, durable, and water proof.

Instructions for Use

  1. Open package & remove NuStat Hemostatic Pad. Do Not Cut.
  2. Apply NuStat Hemostatic Pad directly to the inner surface of the wound.
  3. Apply firm pressure so NuStat makes direct contact with the bleeding area.
  4. Maintain pressure. If bleeding continues, apply a new NuStat Hemostatic pad as directed above.

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