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Rigger's Belt

by: ATS Tactical Gear


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The ATS Tactical Gear Rigger's Belt is rugged and innovative. Constructed of double layer MIL-STD Type 13 nylon cargo webbing and parachute grade buckles. This belt does not sag with heavy holsters or leg pouches. Also, a reinforced slot has been built into the belt itself that can be used to carry a pistol "Bandolero" style. The pistol slot's design completely covers the trigger guard area of most medium and large frame semi-auto pistols including all Glock models, 1911 style pistols, and the Beretta M9/92F. 

NOTE: If you plan to use the pistol slot feature of this belt, remember to allow a little bit of room for the gun in your sizing.


  • Small (30-34 inches)
  • Medium (34-38 inches)
  • Large(38-42 inches)
  • X-Large(42-46 inches)

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