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Sleeka Elite Reversible Jacket

by: Snugpak


$149.00 $136.60

Made from specialist Paratex Light material, the Sleeka Elite Reversible Jacket is quick drying and extremely light weight. The jacket features reinforced patches covering all stress points (the reinforced patches are only on the outer sides): shoulder, elbow and cuff. Also built into the jacket are adjustable elasticated drawstrings at the collar and bottom of the jacket - keeping your warmth in and the cool air out.

The jacket comes with its own compressed in its stuff sack so ti can be stowed in very little space - just another piece of kit in your pack. Filled with Snugpak's Softie Insulation, it can be stored for long periods of time, and when unpacked it won't have lost any thermal characteristics.


  • Lightweight, windproof, water-repellent 
  • Softie insulated for warmth and comfort 
  • Breathable with moisture wicking properties
  • Pack Size: 26cm(H) x 18cm(W) Circumference - 58cm
  • Comfortable at 23° fahrenheit - extreme temp: 14° fahrenheit


  • Size XS - 820g
  • Size S - 840g
  • Size M - 880g
  • Size L - 940g
  • Size XL - 1020g
  • Size XXL - 1140g

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