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Starah Manah AK Chest Rig

by: Armageddon Gear


$109.95 $99.95

The Armageddon Gear “Starah Manah” AK Chest Rig is designed with the same principles as the Kalashnikov rifle itself; simplicity, durability, and combat-focused performance. The Starah Manah is a modern interpretation of the classic AK chest rig worn around the world for decades. Users can add modular accessory pouches onto the rig’s dual webbing panels left and right. Magazines are held securely by field-replaceable shock cord in a double-layered and reinforced pouch body that is specifically designed for the shape and sharp edges of traditional Kalashnikov magazines.

Each pouch features Armageddon Gear’s exclusive Mag-Control geometry to overcome the challenge AK users faced due to the highly curved shape of the 7.62x39 AK magazine. The shape of these magazines forces them to lean over to one side when placed in a straight-walled mag pouch. With Mag-Control pouches these curved magazines are held in a proper vertical position for enhanced ease and speed of removal.

Armageddon Gear uses only high-quality US-made materials and every piece is designed to withstand hard use. Like everything Armageddon Gear makes, the “Starah Manah” AK Chest Rig is proudly made in the USA.

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