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Tactical Series 4 Sleeping Bag

by: Snugpak


$389.00 $351.90

The Snugpak Tactical 4 Sleeping Bag uses state of the art fabrics to keep you dry, comfortable and warm. It combines an antibacterial, water resistant Paratex Steelplate outer coating with a luxurious TS1™ (Thermal Suede) lining, and Reflectatherm fabric which is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth.

The clever construction of the fabrics ensures that any water from the body will be moved to the outside of the bag, and can also add at least 15% additional warmth by reflecting body heat. 


  • Full length two-way zip (left hand and right hand versions available)
  • Mummy style shape for heat retention
  • Paratex Steelplate outer shell for water resistance
  • TS1™ (Thermal Suede) lining for a luxurious feel
  • Softie Premier & Reflectatherm filling for maximum comfort and warmth


  • Weight: 2100g
  • Length 220cm
  • Width (Chest): 83cm
  • Width (Foot): 40cm
  • Pack Size: 25cm(L) x 24cm(W)
  • Temp range: Comfortable at 10° fahrenheit - extreme temp: 1° fahrenheit

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