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Vexor Red Hot Liquid Projectiles

by: Zarc International



Vexor OC projectiles are gelatin projectiles containing Zarc’s patented VEXOR V7 formulation with a liquid OC concentration. Vexor Pepper Projectiles break on contact. This system allows military, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, security guards and other agencies to use a less-lethal approach to incapacitate individuals and disperse crowds without causing serious injury.


  • Vexor Projectiles can be used with any standard .68 caliber markers or Zarc custom Launchers
  • Vexor Projectiles are target accurate up to 60 feet
  • Area denial can be used up to 150 feet
  • Cost-effective. Saves & maximizes your budget
  • Vexor Solution is EID Safe

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