• Velocity Systems is always available from Nelson & Co.

    High Threats


    The Velocity Systems STOP Vest™ has been designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement Special Tactics Teams.

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  • Danner Boots are always available from Nelson & Co.



    The Danner Dromos features cutting edge welded construction, similar to high-end athletic shoes, but with the kind of heavy-duty materials suited for hard-use boots.

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  • Daniel Defense Magazine is always available from Nelson & Co



    Amazing! Reliable and durable AR magazines that hold 32 rounds; but same size as 30-round mag.

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  • Gorilla Ammunition is available from Nelson & Co.



    Gorilla Ammunition utilizes only the highest quality components to manufacture premium quality Ammunition.

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  • Combat shirts from Tru-spec are always available from Nelson & Co.



    The Tru-Spec TRU Combat Shirt combines the durability and protection of a combat jacket with the comfort of a t-shirt.

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  • Armor Express A.S.K. Active Shooter Response Kit



    Everything a First Responder needs to be protected against rifles in an inexpensive, NIJ Certified, wearable, storable package.

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